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Job Announcement:

External partner/of the Association

Mapping funding sources

of the CForC for the year 2024

Job announcement date: 10.11.2023

Deadline for submission of proposals: 20.11.2023

Final decision and notification of results: 28.11.2023

* In case the position is not filled by the members of the Association, the invitation will be publicly announced to third parties:

Job announcement date: 21.11.2023

Deadline for submission of proposals: 30.11.2023

Final decision and notification of results: 05.12.2023


The Culture for Change Association (CForC) is a non-profit organization, founded in 2020 and consists of 50+ professionals of different academic backgrounds and skills from across the country, linked by common views and practices around Social and Cultural Innovation. It aspires to support and emphasize the initiatives of its members, to provide them with opportunities for continuing education, as well as to collaborate creatively with individuals, networks and organizations to strengthen and develop the Cultural Sector and Civil Society in Greece and around the world. The mission of the Association includes ensuring a strong infrastructure and long-term sustainability for the CForC community and ensuring members' growing sense of ownership towards their network.

The Association “Culture For Change” is looking for an external partner in order to map its sources of funding for the year 2024.

The project consists of:

  1. Delivery of excel file with contact details of organizations that will be targets for funding applications in Greece and abroad (organization name/contact details: email, telephone and contact person if available)
  2. Delivery of a documentation report explaining:
    a. why an organization is a target for CForC
    b. what previous open calls prove this
    c. what are the financing possibilities in funding amounts and categories (e.g. operating expenses/project creation and delivery)
  3. Delivery of application schedule within 2024
  4. Delivery of a list of recommended newsletters and social media groups for registration
  5. Prepare and write an application from the list to be delivered to CForC


Shipment of deliverables by January 20, 2024

Tasks in total:

  • Cooperation with the CForC Coordination Group
  • Deliver readable reports

For more information, please contact Argyro Barata on behalf of the Board of Directors,

In order to express interest, download and fill it out petition, and send it to



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