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The network Cultura for Cambiar, in the context of2023 Eleusis, on the future and development of collective initiatives of cultural professionals, presents a series of discussions, workshops and events presents from March 6 to 10.

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The Mystery 137 Moving towards professional solidarity is a five-day event at the Paleo Olive Oil Works of Eleusis, specially designed for the place where the concepts of collective consciousness and action flourished during the period of development of the labor movement. Through workshops and meetings with the local collectives of the city, Mystery 137 aims to bring to the present the concept of professional solidarity, using culture as a means of social change.

Mystery 137 Moving to Professional Solidarity I Credit: John Kouskoutis

From the 1950s to the present, the narrative and approach to social change has changed. The dynamic of collective action has been strengthened and the catalytic role of networks in the socio-cultural Greek ecosystem has been strengthened. With the use of modern methods of cooperation and dialogue and with the use of technology, distances have tended to be erased in recent years and the development time of collective action is increasingly accelerated.

How can the future of collective initiatives of cultural professionals active in social and cultural innovation be shaped? What are the forms, practices and mindsets that enable young professionals to interconnect, transact, inspire each other and make their work more sustainable and effective?

Mystery 137 Moving to Professional Solidarity I Credit: John Kouskoutis

In the context of the action Mystery 137 Moving towards professional solidarity,the first pan-Hellenic network of social innovation professionals Cultura for Cambiarwill present its hybrid development model, share tools and practices, open the dialogue on the intervention pillars of common demands and seek, together with the citizens of Eleusis, the role of culture as a project that has a social impact on local communities. The aim of this meeting is to broaden the exploration horizons of the participants through mutual exchange and the transition to new, more participatory, collective and relevant forms of professional coalitions related to the local community of Eleusis.

Mystery 137 Moving to Professional Solidarity I Credit: John Kouskoutis

A few words about the Culture network for Cambiar

Culture for Change (CForC) is the first Greek network to represent the voice of more than 75 professionals of diverse academic backgrounds and multiple skills from across the country, including — but not limited to — cultural managers, artists, lawyers, behavioral scientists, designers, architects, urban planners, environmentalists and other specialists related to common views and practices on the development of social innovation, highlighting the positive impact of culture on society. A hybrid collective that supports and highlights the initiatives of its members, providing them with structures, practices, guidelines, continuing education opportunities, creative collaborations with other individuals, networks and organizations, making their work more sustainable and effective. The ultimate goal of the network is to strengthen the cultural sector and civil society at both national and international level. During the action, the annual general meeting of the CForC will be held, the proceedings of which will be open to the public for observation of its operating model.

Mystery 137 Moving to Professional Solidarity I Credit: John Kouskoutis

Topics of Discussions
Cooperation networks and their influence on the development of local ecosystems
Alternative Networking Models
Social impact by driving cultural activity

Thematic Workshops
The Theory of Systemic Change
Skills for Social Change
The complementary role of leadership
Applied Social Impact Practices

When:Wednesday 6 to Sunday 10 March
Venue:Palaio Elaiourgeio - Eleusina

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Mystery 137 Moving to Professional Solidarity I Credit: John Kouskoutis

Access to Eleusina
# 21km

Just 21 km from the center of Athens, one of the most important sacred cities of antiquity, the city of the Eleusinian Mysteries and birthplace of Aeschylus, Eleussina is the fourth Cultural Capital of Europe to be hosted in Greece. Access to it can be done in the following ways:
By car or bike via Attica Odos or from Athinon Avenue, in just 25 minutes from the center of Athens
By bus (lines 845 and 871 from Piraeus, 876 from the station “St. Marina” metro and 878 from Acharnes)
By suburban (stop “Magoula” and then by bus 863)
By bus (Megara - Nea Peramos - Eleusina line, starting from Asomat Square in Thissio)

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