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1. Introduction

The association under the name “Culture for Change” (hereinafter referred to as “CforC”) is a non-profit association with main goals, among others, the development of a spirit of social solidarity, cooperation, solidarity and tightening of relations between its members and the creative involvement and cooperation with civil society, in order to promote social and cultural innovation in all its dimensions.

In the context of achieving its goals, CforC processes personal data of individuals (hereinafter referred to as “subjects of process” or “subjects”), who can be members, employees, external partners, subscribers to informative material, journalists, researchers, ordinary users of the website (hereinafter referred to as “visitors”).

Your personal data is processed in full compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR), Greek Law 4624/2019 as applicable and the Recommendations, Instructions and Decisions of the Protection Authority of Personal Data. However, this said, as long as the visitor continues to use the website of CforC after modifications have been made in accordance with the above, it will be considered that the visitor accepts all modifications unconditionally. If for any reason the visitor does not agree with the terms of this Policy, as they apply each time following modifications, they must stop using the website.

For our association, the protection of your personal data is of primary importance. For this reason, we take appropriate measures to protect the personal data we process and to make sure that their collection and processing is always carried out in accordance with the obligations set by the applicable legal framework, both by our association and our partners or by other third parties who process personal data on our behalf.

2. Τhe Personal Data we collect

Personal Data means any information that refers to the subject of the data, i.e. any information that refers to any natural person to whom the data refers and whose identity is known or can be ascertained.

Personal Data means any information that refers to the subject of the data, i.e. any information that refers to any natural person to whom the data refers and whose identity is known or can be ascertained. Such data, as defined by the Law and the relevant European provisions, are for example a member’s name, address, date of birth and gender, mobile phone number, email address as well as usage data, such as for example username, password and IP address.

Our company collects and processes only the personal data you provide us with, such as, your first and last name, address, email address, mobile phone or other kind of data, only if those data are necessary in order to be able to contact you and only if there is a legal reason for this process and collection.

Beyond the aforementioned, we collect personal data of wide public such as: Name, Last Name, Email Address and Occupation, mainly when you register for various CforC events, e.g. capacity building and networking programs, registration for participation in the CforC’s Annual Conference and other events.

The registration of personal data is not required in order to browse the and websites.

We also collect and process personal data in the context of our grant making activities. The data protection policy applied to personal data collected in this context can be found here.

Lastly, we may collect and process image or video data, generated through or collected from CCTV equipment at our premises or during our various events.

3. For what purposes do we collect your personal data? How secure is my Personal Data?

Responsible for processing personal data as the Personal Data Controller is the non-profit organization (association) “Culture For Change”, situated in Athens, Greece (7 Stratigopoulou str. 114 72, VAT 996788256 number, Tax Office D’ Athens).

CforC implements appropriate technical and organizational measures, with the aim of securely processing personal data and preventing accidental loss or destruction and unauthorized and/or illegal access, use, modification or disclosure.

CforC collects and processes the minimum of your Personal Data and only for legal purposes, as:

a) for sending information material and general information on new CforC grants, initiatives and events.

b) in order to reply or contact you individually in response to one of your questions/comments/answers to open calls to CforC.

c) for your participation in various events of CforC.

d) for a possible collaboration with you and

e) for executing a contract to which you are a party

The personal data we collect for the above purposes are kept absolutely confidential. Access to those data and the right to process them only have the specially authorized persons of the association, meaning the persons who are contractually bound with CforC to maintain the confidentiality of the personal data they process or of which they become aware due to the exercise of their duties, either as employes of the association or as partners (external, internal or other kind).  

4. Where do we disclose your Personal Data?

In the context of CforC's activities, personal data may be disclosed to partners or other cooperating companies and entities only with your prior consent and only when this is required to fulfill legal obligations. In this case, according to the rules of the GDPR and the national, European and international law, the partners and partner companies and entities are committed to the lawful processing of your personal data by another, internal (between them and CforC) agreement of confidentiality.

It is pointed out that CforC is not responsible for the collection and processing of personal data by the social networking platforms it uses. The relevant responsibility rests with the latter, based on the Privacy Policy that each adheres to.

Your data is not transmitted to third parties and is not transmitted to third countries.

5. How long do we keep your Personal Data?

Your personal data will be kept for a period of ten (10) years. At the end of this retention period, your data will either be completely deleted or will only be able to be used anonymously, in a non-identifiable way, e.g. for statistical analysis. Especially with regard to the e-mail address you have registered in order to receive CforC’s newsletter, it is noted that the email address is kept for as long as the newsletter is sent to you and in any case no longer than for a period of one month from the notice of asking for interruption from your part.

6. What is the legal basis for Culture for Change processing your Personal Data?

The personal data you declare during your visit to the pages of the and websites are collected and processed exclusively for the following purposes:

  • To send to you a newsletter. Our association processes your personal information when sending you informational material about CforC’s actions, publications and events. If you no longer wish to receive CforC’s newsletter, you can unsubscribe from the list of e-mail recipients at any time by selecting the relevant field at the end of the newsletter. To send information material, the company processes only your e-mail address.  
  • To communicate with you. CforC collects your Personal Data when you use the online contact form posted on its website to send questions, comments or suggestions. For this purpose, collects your name, email address and any other information you may provide in the open field of the contact form.
  • to improve the services provided,
  • for the purposes of statistical research and analysis with data in aggregate form in order to understand how users interact and use our company’s website, improving our services.

CforC does not in any way collect or gain access through its website to special categories of (“sensitive”) personal data. The visitor has the obligation to refrain from providing such data, concerning himself or third parties. Otherwise, the data will be deleted as soon as it comes to CforC’s attention. CforC bears no responsibility towards visitors or third parties for any provision and/or processing of such data, due to their actions or omissions in violation of the above obligation.

7. What are your rights as a Personal Data subject?

a). The right to access and information. This means that you have the right to be informed by CforC if it processes your Data. If CforC processes your Data, you can ask for information about the purpose of processing, the type of Data be hold, to whom they are disclosed and for what purpose, for how long it is stored and also about your other rights, such your right to correction, deletion, and submitting a complaint to the Data Protection Authority.

b) The right to correct inaccurate Personal Data. If there is an error in your Data, you can address to CforC to correct it (for example, a name correction or an update of an address change).

c). The right to be deleted (the right “to be forgotten”). You may ask CforC to delete your personal data if one of the reasons provided by the applicable legislation is in force.

d). The right to transfer your Personal Data. In the event the processing is based on your consent or is required in order to execute a contract with you or is done by automated means, you may ask from CforC to send to you, in a readable form, the Data you have provided.

e). The right to restrict processing. You may ask CforC to restrict the processing of your Personal Data, if a legitimate reason provided by the applicable legislation is in force.

f). The right to portability. The subject can receive or request the transfer of his data, in a machine-readable form, from the CforC to another data controller, if he so wishes.

g) At any time you have the right to object and withdraw consent to the processing of your Personal Data in accordance with the current legislation Protection of Personal Data. For this purpose, any request you may have should be addressed to CforC in writing either by sending relevant electronic mail (email) to the address or sent a letter to the address : Stratigopoulou 7, 114 72, Athens, Greece.

If you consider that your rights are infringed in any way you can contact directly the competent Supervisory Authority for information and for filling a complaint regarding any issue related to the above, to the following address:

Personal Data Protection Authority

Postal Address: Kifisias 1-3, P.O. 115 23, Athens

Call Center: +30-210 6475600, Fax: +30-210 6475628


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